[dba-VB] Displaying SQL Bit Data Type As Checkbox

Seth D. Galitzer sgsax at ksu.edu
Tue Dec 30 21:11:16 CST 2003


I don't know about specific caveats for a data grid control (or for converting 
data on the fly from SQL server for that matter), but does using CBool() 
(either in a stored proc or setting the checkbox value in the OnCurrent event) 
not work?


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>To all,
>We are in the process of converting an old Access application to a Visual 
Basic 6 front-end and SQL Server 7.0 back-end.  The problem I am getting is 
how to display a Bit Data Type as a Checkbox in a DataGrid.
>Has anyone ever done this and can tell me how to go about it
>Thanks in advance.
>Paul Hartland
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