[dba-VB] MapPoint 2003 question

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Mon May 5 12:57:57 CDT 2003

While poking around for something else came across this  article

Using the MapPoint ActiveX control with .Net


HOW TO: Automate the MapPoint 2002 Control and Save the Map as HTML in 
Visual Basic .NET


Arthur Fuller wrote:

>I've been reading about the MapPoint class hierarchy. What I have not hit
>upon yet is the cost :-) There's an ActiveX control which is fine for
>Access, but what about .NET? Is there a corresponding control? Suppose you
>want to deliver this kind of functionality, and more, such as a route list
>or the 5 national parks closest to your zip code. Can you do these sorts of
>things? Does anyone know the licensing issues involved? I have a potential
>client who wants to know :-)
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