[dba-VB] Administrivia - List Configuration Changes Completed

Bryan Carbonnell listmaster at databaseadvisors.com
Sat Oct 18 09:29:56 CDT 2003

All of the list configurations have been completed as of 10:30 am EDT 
(14:30 GMT)

All that should get through to the lists now is plain text. You 
should not have to make any configuration changes to still post. Tha 
mailing list software should be able to handle most or what you throw 
at it and strip everything except the plain text.

If you have problems posting, PLEASE forward the entire rejection 
notice to listmaster at databaseadvisors.com *as an attachment*. If you 
don't forward it as an attachemnt, you will be inadvertently be 
removing the information I need to determine why your post was 

Thank You,

Bryan Carbonnell - listmaster at databaseadvisors.com
Never let a computer see you hurry.

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