[dba-VB] VB6 - hpertext link

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Oct 7 17:51:55 CDT 2003

On 7 Oct 2003 at 15:50, Griffiths, Richard wrote:

> Hi
> What I wish to achieve is a label (field or button) that when clicked will
> act as a hypertext link of favourites type link.
> We have a system that produces a large number of graphs stored down many
> long folder hierarchies , so having produced the graph in excel I want to be
> able to link directly to Q:\database\systems\hsis\graphs\yy\mm\...\...\\ and
> so on without having the load Windows Explorer and navigating there.

If I understand you correctly, you want to click on a path/filename 
and have the appropriuate application such as Excel open the 

In that case:

Public Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias 
"ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, 
ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal 
lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long

Private Sub myLink_Click()
End Sub

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