[dba-VB] Getting Field Type From ADO Control

Jim Lawrence (AccessD) accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 11 19:29:53 CDT 2003

Hi Paul:

Using a slightly different approach you could check to see if it is a number
or string.

if not isnull((TheEnteredValue) then
    if isnumber(TheEnteredValue) then
        if int(TheEnteredValue) = TheEnteredValue then
            if  abs(TheEnteredValue)  32768 > then
                msgbox "TheEnteredValue is a long"
                msgbox "TheEnteredValue is a integer"
            end if
            msgbox "TheEnteredValue is a double number"
        end if
        msgbox "TheEnteredValue is a string"
    end if
end if

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  To all,

  I have a field selection box in a find form that I have created myself,
but what I need to know is what datatype the field is that the user selects.

  Has anyone ever done this and can tell me how....I tried the following
line of code which runs through all the fields but it returns a number......

  MsgBox frmPersonnel.ADOPersonnel.Recordset.Fields(fldCounter).Type

  Anyone have any ideas ?

  Thanks in advance for any help received.......

  Paul Hartland

  Database Designer/Programmer
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