[dba-VB] Re: Linking Word Doc To Access Table via Visual Basic 6

Bryan Carbonnell Bryan_Carbonnell at cbc.ca
Fri Sep 12 10:10:19 CDT 2003


You should be able to set the merge source of the Word
document/template using the doc.MailMerge.DataSource properties, were
doc is a Word.Document object

I don't have any more info than that (since I've never tried anything
like this), but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out by looking at the
current MailMerge properties.

Bryan Carbonnell
bryan_carbonnell at cbc.ca

>>> paul.hartland at fsmail.net 12-Sep-03 5:56:58 AM >>>
To all,
I have a Visual Basic 6 application that allows a user to select people
for mailmerge then puts them into a temporary table so that they can
carry out the mailing.  I also have an option where they can select and
open the word document that they will use.  
Is there a way I can allow the user to select the document that they
want to use, then automatically link that document to the temporary
table ?
I am using Office XP......
Thanks in advance for any help on this.....
Paul Hartland

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