[dba-VB] OT - Registrering DLL's

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The quickest way is to save the file into their C:\Windows\System32
directory and then:
and type in regsvr32 vbsendmail.dll and click OK
You don't have to put in the path unless it is a DLL outside of the
System directory...

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To all,

We have windows 2000 servers with XP Pro Desktops, and have developed an
application thats used by all users in the office (about 30 at any one
time).  We have just added the vbSendMail.dll to the application (test
version).  The executable is on the server so that when we update that
everyone has the new version, except for the fact that they won't be
able to use the email facility as they won't have the vbSendMail.dll

Is there anyway we can register the dll onto their machines without
having to re-install the application onto everyones machine ?.

Can this be done, if so thanks for any help in advance.


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