[dba-VB] Multiple-step operation generated errors - check each status value

paul.hartland at fsmail.net paul.hartland at fsmail.net
Fri Jan 9 04:24:13 CST 2004

To all,
I have a Visual Basic 6 FE which is connecting to a SQL Server 7.0 BE.  One of my fields is called EthnicOrigin which is a TinyInt data type, which also allows Null.  The control on the form is a DataCombo, with the list field being Ethnicity and the BoundColumn being EthnicityID.  When a user selects an Ethnicity all is well no problem with updating etc as the EthnicityID is entered into the Field and the DataCombo display the Ethnicity.  If the user deletes the entry from EthnicOrigin then when the record tries to update I get the error 
Multiple-step operation generated errors - check each status value
Below is the code for updating:
With rsPersonnel
If (frmOrrPersonnel.PVEthnic <> "") Then
.Fields("EthnicOrigin") = frmOrrPersonnel.PVEthnic.BoundText
                        .Fields("EthnicOrigin") = 0
End If
End With
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance for any help as this is really starting to frustrate me.
Paul Hartland
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