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I used to use the tabstrip control with frames to hold the controls, so when you click a tab you hide one frame and show another etc.  But we recently purchased Infragistics NetAdvantage Suite (mainly for it's datagrid (UltraGrid) control), and it has lots of other very good controls one being a tab form along with a tabpanel.  You place the tabform on your screen and then for each tab you add a tab panel, and infragistics does the rest.
Hope that helps............
Paul Hartland

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Subject : Re: [dba-VB] Tabstrip Control - VB6
On 20 Jan 2004 at 15:30, Griffiths, Richard wrote:

> Hi Group
> Having problems trying to code a tabstrip click i.e. code to change the tab
> - can't seem to be able to find the correct method.
> Any ideas

Setting the Value property changes the page displayed.

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