[dba-VB] VB.Net - Serial port communications

Brett Barabash BBarabash at TappeConstruction.com
Wed May 19 15:02:48 CDT 2004

My friend Google says:

Serial Communication with VB.Net 

Serial Communications : The .NET Way

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Hi All,

I am eager to learn and start programming with .Net, initially with VB.Net.
I thought that it might help the learning process by converting one of my
VB6 programs to VB.Net to understand all the differences.
The program that I was going to convert was one that uses the MSComm control
that comes with VB6. When reading the .Net Framework documentation, I
realized that there is no equivalent class, at least not yet.

I know that I can use Win32 APIs to add this functionality but the great
thing about the MSComm control was that it masked the "ugliness" and
complexity of the APIs.
Has anyone found a good replacement for the MSComm control for .Net?


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