[dba-VB] Update BE

Griffiths, Richard R.Griffiths at bury.gov.uk
Tue Aug 16 10:46:56 CDT 2005


After advice/resources.

I have written an application using vb.net which is to run with A2K BE
and SQL 2000 BE.
I am trying to think about how to update the back end.  I have a number
of options, one being to write VB code and using DAO or ADO update the
BE. But I think this will involve  further deployment of VB and Jet/Vba
and MS Access (runtime) etc.
The other option (no doubt there are others) is to write CREATE TABLE
and ALTER TABLE statements (and this can be deployed within a exe
running vb.net).  I think this is tidier, however there is not much
documentation on this process ( CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE etc) for MS
Access.  Does anyone have code and/or can offer good sources on the web
to help me here.  Any other solutions?

Many thanks


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