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Let me see if I understand what you are talking about.  You have a Service
that is really going to be the 'scheduler', because it is going to run the
tasks (from the database) when you need them.  However, you want to create a
GUI to interact with that service (which you are probably running under
specific credentials, so it can't interact with the desktop.)

If that is the case, again, Winsocks.


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I want to load an application that loads scheduled tasks into classes from a
database.  Once the tasks are loaded I want my service to call this
application and ask it to run any tasks that the scheduler deems ready to
run.  Is it possible for one program to call another open (running) program?
I would like the scheduler to be part of the service but until the system is
debugged I want the scheduler to be a program with a user interface that I
can watch.  For this reason, the service would cause the scheduler to load,
and then periodically "call" the scheduler and ask it to check its list of
tasks and run any as appropriate.  Is this possible?

John W. Colby

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