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I think that you are going about this is in a seriously wrong way, JWC. IMO,
you create the jobs and schedule them and keep the FE _way_ out of the
picture. Unless I am misunderstanding you, you are putting the FE before the
BE -- which IMO is the biggest no-no in the SQL business.
To put it another way, everything you can blame on MS should be blamed on
MS. Set it up in the BE and DO NOT INTERFERE.
Not to say there are no reasons for services, but from what you have
described thus far, this is NOT one of them. Schedule the job at a frequency
you like, then leave your FEs do realize the results. 
You muddy the waters too much by asking the FEs to muddy the waters. You are
the worm chasing its tail, IMO, in the direction you are going.
AF`s Rule 1: everything the BE can do, the BE should do.
Corollary: no code affecting scheduled sprocs, udfs, etc. should exist in
the FE.

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I want to load an application that loads scheduled tasks into classes from a
database.  Once the tasks are loaded I want my service to call this
application and ask it to run any tasks that the scheduler deems ready to
run.  Is it possible for one program to call another open (running) program?
I would like the scheduler to be part of the service but until the system is
debugged I want the scheduler to be a program with a user interface that I
can watch.  For this reason, the service would cause the scheduler to load,
and then periodically "call" the scheduler and ask it to check its list of
tasks and run any as appropriate.  Is this possible?

John W. Colby

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