[dba-VB] Where is the .net directory

John W. Colby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sun Jan 2 20:37:30 CST 2005

I have Visual Studio 2002.  I had the .net framework 1.0 installed (came
with Visual Studio I think) and was having problems updating Visual Studio
to get the .net framework 1.1.  I had 1.1. installed on my system but Visual
Studio didn't "see it".  I uninstalled both 1.0 and 1.1, then loaded 1.1
again (from Windows Update) and the 1.1 SDK.  Now Visual Studio says I can't
open my projects because it "can't find Visual Basic, the framework
directory not found".  Dows anyone know where the framework directory is,
and how to tell Visual Studio the path to the framework?

John W. Colby

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