[dba-VB] VB to VB via Ethernet

Seth Galitzer sgsax at ksu.edu
Thu Jul 14 14:12:34 CDT 2005


As always, there are several ways to do this.  I can think of two.

1) Write a TCP/IP client/server app.  There are many examples for this 
on the web.  You want to search for examples of using Windows Sockets in 
VB.  With this method, you would write a server app which would listen 
on a port for a message from the client (which you would also write an 
app for).  This message could be anything, from just a "done" message, 
to a periodic "status" message.

2) Create a shared directory on the "server" machine.  On the "client" 
machine, when it finishes its task, write to a file on the server's 
shared directory, either using the full UNC path or map a drive letter 
to the location on the server.  On the server, write an app that looks 
in that directory for the existence of this file.  You can either read 
from the file, or just check to see if it exists.  Once you've 
determined the status, either delete the file or reset its contents 
using the server app.

Of these two methods, 2) would probably be easier, since it's only using 
built-in file and directory I/O methods and would require no new 
programming skills (like using Windows Sockets), but 1) would be more 
fun, as you would get to learn new programming skills (like using 
Windows Sockets).


Bill Kollodge wrote:
> Hi folks, can anyone offer me direction or suggestions on how to enable
> 2 computers, each running their own VB application, to communicate to
> each other via Ethernet?
> I need to have one automated machine notify another when it is complete
> (or some other event happens).  The machines run VB apps.  Not sure
> where to even start.  Any help/experience is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill Kollodge
> Software Engineering / CNC Products
> Park Industries
> St. Cloud, MN  56303
> bkollodge at parkindustries.com
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