[dba-VB] Re: dba-VB Digest, Vol 26, Issue 2

Randall R Anthony RRANTHON at sentara.com
Fri Jun 17 13:52:43 CDT 2005

The passing the Null is where I'm having trouble, Karen.  I tried that
in SQL and it works fine, however trying to pass the Null via a
parameter in a stored procedure, no workee.  I keep getting invalid use
of Null errors or other data type errors.

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Subject: [dba-VB] OT?: How to load null date to SQL2000 from VB
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Simply put, if I use a simple insert query:

Insert into tablename (field1, fielddate) values ("bob", '')
My table will show field1 = bob, and fielddate = 1/1/1900.

I've seen all kinds of .Net workarounds, but none work for VB6.0.
Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


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