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Last year (or therabouts) I read an interesting article in one of the
tip sheets (Inside MS Access or  Smart Access) that described a method
using  Access 2003 as a .NET reporting vehicle.  It leveraged A2K3s XML
reporting feature via ASP.NET.  I'm out of the office today but I'll try
to find the article for you.  Nothing better than a tool you're familiar

Jim DeMarco

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One thing I am currently struggleing w/ is my use of Access for a
mission critical system. the Front end continues to be Access 2000's
ADE's (adp). 
One of the biggest reasons is because I can provide the end user w/
reporting all from one package. An obvious move to a dotNet platform
would be that I can leverage the use of another college to work on the
project w/ me, where as right now he really does not touch Access much.
The thing he is mostly scared of is the form corruptions that can result
from a bad network connection.

So if I were to go dotNET what reporting options would I have in a
"disconnected" state... right now I am leverging the use of Reporting
systems for "networked" users.

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