[dba-VB] SQLS & VS 2005 Express Editions (cross-posted)

DJK(John) Robinson djkr at msn.com
Wed Nov 9 11:00:58 CST 2005

Just for a year.


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There's more to come.  Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition will be a free
download, too.  Announced today at the VS/SQLS/Biztalk launch.


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Hey folks,


Look what Microsoft just released - for "free" no less!




It's advertised as the replacement for MSDE in the "Introduction" section of
the "ReadMe" file.  You also need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework
version 2.0 installed - which is a HUGE download - before you download SQL
Server 2005 Express Edition.  (I guess I should ditch dial-up and get
broadband ...)


Looks to me like this is the "training wheels" version of SQL Server 2005.


Alan C. Lawhon



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