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John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Mon Dec 18 11:10:21 CST 2006

Dear dba-vb at databaseadvisors.com,

Isn’t access-d a great list? We’re the kind of community that actually
works—we get the technical help we need free, and without the ego trappings
that you’ll suffer from on other lists. I know that I find the list
invaluable, and there are several others—industry leaders—that agree with
me. Two of our members, Susan Harkins and Martin Reid, published a Jet SQL
book together in 2002, and this is what appears in the book’s
Acknowledgements section: “Thanks… to the AccessD folks for all their great
advice and help over the years. If someone on that list can’t solve your
problem, it can’t be solved.” And she’s right. That has been my experience
with the list for the last seven years.


The list isn’t a miracle of internet magic though. It costs money to run the
site and lists. So, I’ll be blunt, I’m asking for donations, both large and
small so we can keep this great resource going. (Membership isn’t tied to
donations. The AccessD community is free.)


It’s a small sacrifice considering what you get! Where else can you find
people, from all over the globe, prepared to help you solve your technical
problems? Have you ever had a thread save you time? If you’re like me, that
saves me money. And, just importantly, think of the times you’ve helped
someone else. 


If you’d like to donate using a credit card or PayPal, visit HYPERLINK
om/donations.aspHYPERLINK "http://www.databaseadvisors.com/" and click [Make
a Donation]. If you’d rather send a check through regular mail, please
"mailto:treasurer at databaseadvisors.com%20"treasurer at databaseadvisors.com for
mailing instructions. (Please include "donation" in the subject line.) 


Donations will be listed on the web site as follows:


-Major/Corporate Sponsors: $120 or more

  Major/Corporate Sponsors may* appear on our DBA Major/Corporate Sponsors
Support page in large type face for one month for each $10 donated

  PLUS Major/Corporate Sponsors may* place their logo with a link to their
web site on the DBA page of their choice for the same period of time.


-Friends of DBA: $120 to $60

  Friends may* appear on our DBA Friends Support page in large type face for
one month for each $10 donated.


-DBA Donors: $60 or less

  Donors may* appear on our DBA Donors Support page in normal type face for
one month for each $10 donated.


  *If you’d rather not be listed on the website, let us know and we'll keep
your donation anonymous.


Thank you for considering a donation to DBA,
John Bartow, President
Database Advisors, Inc.
"mailto:president at databaseadvisors.com"mailto:president at databaseadvisors.com
Website: HYPERLINK "http://www.databaseadvisors.com/"

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