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MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 3 15:57:02 CST 2006

I am assuming you do not want to use the classes from the 
System.Data.SqlClient namespace, but ADO directly
Writing Provider-Independent Data Access Code with ADO.NET 2.0
Streamline your Data Connections by Moving to MARS

Lots of other articles with code here on ADO.Net 2.0

John Colby wrote:

>I am having a hard time getting started with ADO.net 2.0.  I need example
>code for SOMETHING (anything) that looks up data in a table, preferably in
>an sql server db.
>As an example, I have a the "login form" that the wizard builds in VB.Net
>2.0.  It has two text boxes for username and password, and an OK and Cancel
>button.  No code.
>I have a user table in a SQL Server database, with a UserName and
>PasswordHash field.
>I need to accept the user's input of the username and look it up in the user
>table in the SQL, retrieving the passwordhash.
>I can do everything except get the data.  Frustrating.  I could do it in 1.x
>(which still works) but I understand that there is a
>"newer/better/faster/easier" way to do this stuff in 2.0.  The only problem
>is getting examples.  As you probably know all anyone is interested in is
>binding controls to data which isn't what I want.  I need to know how to do
>it all in code.
>Eventually (soon thereafter) I will want to pull an entire set of tables,
>iterating the tables, populating classes with the data in the tables.  The
>data in the classes will be changing so I need the classes to be able to
>write the data back out to the tables as well.  Again, what I need in this
>instance is an example, from the start, of dimming all of the objects
>required, then reading data out of a given table, and writing data back into
>that same table.
>If anyone has example code that they wrote, or a web page that does this
>programmatic manipulation, from start to finish, I would be forever
>John W. Colby
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