[dba-VB] Vb.net - all the recordsets

John Colby jwcolby at ColbyConsulting.com
Sun Jan 8 09:58:58 CST 2006

I'm wondering how experienced users of DotNet handle all the recordsets
required for real database applications.

In Access, you build a query and assign it to a property of a form or data
aware control such as a list or combo.  Access handles the details.  In
.Net, at least if you do it in code, you have to do a TON of stuff for each
control - connection, command, data table etc.  I haven't wrapped my mind
around it yet so it probably seems bigger than it really is, but just trying
to build one tiny little unbound form... Well... It still ain't workin' yet.
Now I like bound as much as anybody but there are just times when...

Is anyone out there (on this list?) actually building database apps with
this beastie?

John W. Colby

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