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John Colby jwcolby at ColbyConsulting.com
Wed Jan 11 08:09:08 CST 2006

We're making progress here.  The code now is:

    Function LoadCboService()
        Dim strCnn As String = My.Settings.C2DbConquestConnectionString
        Dim cnn As New SqlConnection(strCnn)
        Dim strSQLService As String = "SELECT * FROM tlkpService"
        Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(strSQLService, cnn)
        Dim adpt As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd)

        Dim Ds As DataSet
        Ds = New DataSet("cboService")
        adpt.Fill(Ds, "cboService")
        cboService.DataSource = Ds.Tables("cboService").DefaultView
        cboService.DisplayMember = "SVC_Service"
        cboService.ValueMember = "SVC_ID"
        Return True
    End Function 

The combo displays the PK field however, not the Rank string.  SVC_ID is the
PK, so the value member is being displayed

John W. Colby

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Don't ask where my brain was when we talked about this yesterday.  It was
obviously way too tired to think straight...

The reference to the dataset is already known from the Datasource so all you
need to do is directly tie the properties to the fields like this...

cboService.DisplayMember = "RA_Rank"
cboService.ValueMember = "RA_ID"

Doris Manning
mikedorism at verizon.net

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