[dba-VB] SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedures (Confused !!!!!)

paul.hartland at fsmail.net paul.hartland at fsmail.net
Wed Jul 12 04:29:47 CDT 2006

To all,

Sorry for cross posting this again to those of you that will receive this email more than once, I have eventually got the SQL Server Management Studio and fairly happily playing with it.  However I thought I would create a stored procedure so wrote a very simple one, and clicked save and it asked me to save it as SQLQuery1 which I thought strange as I thought the name would be genesis_select_UserLogon (as below)....But saved it none the less, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the database I created, but I wrote a quick VB app to use it and it works ok....Can anyone tell me where I find the stored procedure that I create in the database ? 

CREATE PROCEDURE [genesis_select_UserLogon] 
  @strUser  [nvarchar](100),
  @strPass  [nvarchar](100)
SELECT Username, Password
FROM  tblUsers
WHERE Username = @strUser AND  Password = @strPass


Thanks in advance for any help on this...

Paul Hartland 

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