[dba-VB] Great Smokey Mountain AccessD Conference

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Tue Jun 5 20:33:33 CDT 2007

>Too late for a latecomer to the party? 
Not at all.  Everybody step right up.  The first annual (or maybe bi-annual)
Great Smokey Mountain AccessD conference will be the weekend of June 23rd at
my house.  Everyone welcome.
I think we have a web page under development.  I'll check on that.
I tried to do Google earth to get my location but that didn't work.
According to Streets and Trips and the attached GPS device, my house is:
35.82548 N, 81.49635 W. 
Altitude 1269 Feet.

The address is:
1723 Twin Pines Dr.
Hudson, NC   28638
828-572-0120 is my business phone.
Please do not target missiles to that location as there are innocent
civilians present.
There will be prize drawings, there will be technical presentations, there
will be food, there will be pretty girls and handsome boys (well, one of
each if you count my two kids).
Come on down!

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting



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Too late for a latecomer to the party?  I had to wait until the On Call
rotation came out before I could commit.
I'll bring desert! :-)
Donna Cook


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