[dba-VB] Web Developer wanted VB Dot Net

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
Thu Nov 1 12:10:52 CDT 2007


I have had one response to my previous message, but the company I am 
working for would like a few options.  If anyone else is interested 
please email me off line.

I have an access program that has been converted to a Web site 
written using Visual Studio 2003 and VB.Net.  The conversion was done 
by another developer as a favour for the company that owns the software.

We are now looking for a web developer that can do the following:

1) Continue to maintain the web version.  This should be basic 
maintenance of the screens.  The database is SQL2000 and I can 
maintain this.  The reports are developed using DataDynamics Active 
Report.  I can also maintain these.  What I can't do is the actual 
web site maintenance.  Medium term we would be looking to upgrade 
this to Visual Studio 2005.

2) The company has another project that they want converted from a 
desk top version to the web.  This project would involve interaction 
with the developer of the desk top version - he is also not familiar 
with web development.  This would be a major project.

3) There would be other web projects that would come up as 
well.  Based on my previous experience with this company, there would 
be ongoing work required on a regular basis.

The company that we would be working for is based in 
Chicago.  However, I have been developing for them for over 10 years 
and I am in NZ.

If you are interested in more information please email me off line 
with a phone number and a suitable time to call (preferably your 
afternoon if you are in America due to the time difference)


David Emerson
Dalyn Software Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand  

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