[dba-VB] Iterating class properties

Drew Wutka DWUTKA at Marlow.com
Tue Nov 13 10:54:54 CST 2007

What are you trying to accomplish?  I don't use .Net very often, still
do most of my stuff in VB 6.  But I wanted a way to dynamically capture
my class properties.

For example, let's say I had Widget, and it had Height and Width
properties.  I wanted to be able to do this:

Dim wd as Widget
Set wd=new Widget


Dim wd as Widget
Dim I as long
Set wd=new Widget
For i=1 to wd.Properties.Count
Next i

I don't know if .Net has this capability, VB 6 didn't natively, but I
was able to 'spoof' the ability.  I created an Add-in that let's me
create a Properties property for a class.  When you run the Add-in, it
goes through all of the properties in your class, and creates statements
to simulate the abilities above.  It's adding a lot of extra code to do
this, but in some situations I have run into, it's worth it...plus, all
the properties are left alone, so I can use them like I normally would.


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Does anyone know a way to iterate the properties of a class in VB.Net or
C#.Net (or in .Net in general)?  There is built-in functionality to
classes out to XML files and this stuff does exactly that, apparently
only the Get/Let statements, i.e. if there is not both a get and let
statement for a property then the process fails to convert that property

So if MS does it, is that capability publicly available?  Is there a
property iterator buried in the innards of the class object?

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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