[dba-VB] VB.Net - Using modules in other projects

Doris Manning mikedorism at verizon.net
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When you add an existing item to a project and press the OPEN button, you
are actually importing the module from its existing location into the
project location.  

If you click on the small black arrow on the far right of the OPEN button,
you have a "Link file" choice.  Choosing this option adds the module to your
project but keeps it in its existing location.  Any projects that link to it
will instantly inherit the changes but will need to be rebuilt so the
executable picks up the changes.

Doris Manning
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I am developing modules that I need to use in various projects.  This
includes things like a status form with specific controls and code to
display status updates from operations, and base classes for making another
class serializable.  Stuff like that.  

I need to know what the process is for making such objects accessible to
other projects such that as I add capabilities and fix bugs, such
enhancements are available to all the other projects that use these things.
IOW, something similar to an MDA in Access.  I know that it is possible, I
just do not understand the mechanics of referencing the common objects.

Could someone give me a detailed "step by step" of how to do it, what to
click, select this menu item, click this etc. from inside of the referencing
project.  Or alternately a web article that discusses this stuff.


John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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