[dba-VB] Renaming DBA-VB

William Hindman wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com
Tue Oct 23 10:39:08 CDT 2007

...what many here apparently don't yet understand Gustav, is just how easy 
and rewarding the transition from vb.net (even vba) to c# really is in the 
dot.net environment ...I was a long time vba developer who got pushed into 
asp.net work by a client and automatically defaulted to using vb.net ...but 
so many of the samples and tutorials were posted in both vb.net and C# that 
it became quickly evident that it was mostly just syntax differences ...and 
minor ones at that ...and more and more of the samples/tutorials I was 
really interested in were available only in c#  because vb.net simply could 
not do it as well if at all.

...my vote goes to dba.net on the simple basis that most questions posed in 
either .net language can be readily addressed by any one experienced in 
either ...besides which the free translators available have become quite 
adept at going to from either language.

...imnsho, dba.programming will suffer the same fate as dba.vb has but for 
exactly the opposite reason.

...my 2 cents, worth exactly what it cost you.


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> Hi John et al
> That covers pretty much my opinion.
> However, the new name isn't important too me, I just found VB(6) too 
> restricted. I don't think anyone would be offended by a post on Java, 
> Python or any other language, even VBScript - in fact I would welcome it - 
> it's just that the audience with a relevant knowledge is quite limited so 
> response would probably be low. But could we develop an audience for, say, 
> Ruby On Rails it would be great. Even though we here at Cactus Data have 
> decided for Visual Studio and C#, I would at least browse such postings 
> because of the relevance to databases and because you can always learn 
> something.
> In fact, one of the strengths of our lists is the members' broad 
> background often supported by solid experience from real life, and we 
> should encourage any step to maintain this.
> /gustav
>>>> jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com 23-10-2007 00:29 >>>
> This really isn't about the Access list.  That will remain named as it is 
> I
> presume.  The discussion is about renaming the VB list to embrace a wider
> audience.
> It is my opinion that we should not cast too wide a net or we will end up
> attracting people for every platform under the sun and they will soon 
> leave
> because there is no support available for their respective platform.
> I thought we should simply widen the target to include the .Net platform,
> specifically VB.Net.  The list is currently VB oriented, and widening the
> scope to include VB.Net (which is a large percentage of the current 
> traffic)
> would be entirely appropriate.
> Just my opinion.
> John W. Colby
> Colby Consulting
> www.ColbyConsulting.com
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> I'm not interested in .Net anything, right now.
> I guess you're saying that both PHP and Ruby on Rails are irrelevant when 
> it
> comes to Access?
> Michael R. Mattys
> MapPoint & Access Dev
> www.mattysconsulting.com
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