[dba-VB] Browsing records (was: Renaming DBA-VB)

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Thu Oct 25 08:21:29 CDT 2007

Hi Shamil

Yes, but in design mode only.

I thought, having the dotted grip farmost left visible, the user could drag the control around with the mouse- as you can do with a toolbar in Access?


>>> shamil at users.mns.ru 25-10-2007 14:58 >>>
Hi Gustav,

Just set Dock style to None and then you can freely move and place
xBindingNavigator whenever you wanted to have it on a WinForm...


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Hi William

Which control do you use for browsing records on forms? The default
If so, have you managed to undock it so it can float? I have the GripStyle
set to Visible, but the toolstrip is not to grip and move around.


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