[dba-VB] Is it possible to develop active ASP.NET Web Services?

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Dec 6 14:57:26 CST 2008

Hi Shamil

Couldn't you just have some other service running to carry out this task over and over?

Or, if for some reason it must a web service, have another web service at hand which is called with some delay. Then this second web service after some delay calls the first, and so on? 

Neither have I read the manual on this, so a straight-forward solution may exist ...


>>> shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru 06-12-2008 19:22 >>>
Hi All,

ASP.NET Web Services are known to be passive IOW they are activated when
called from outside, they do some work, and quit until another web request

...I wonder is it possible to develop active web service, which will be
activating itself once in a while (e.g. by using a kind of schedule
controlled by timer + some programmatic logic)...

...that active service could be something like endlessly
running/sleeping/running... between resets web service method IOW a web
service method with timeout set to infinitum...

...because ASP.NET web services application is by definition multi-threaded
having one thread like the questioned/requested above shouldn't be an issue
for the other IMO...

...this thread could be started by outside call or even (I guess) by web
service itself calling its own method with infinitum timeout on start-up
*via loopback web service call not directly* or something like that...

...that questioned/requested solution should be pure ASP.NET web service one
as it's planned to be used on ASP.Net hosting without access to the host
operating system to run scheduled Windows Service etc...

...it could happen that questioned/requested Web Service solution is
built-in ASP.NET feature: I must say I didn't investigate the docs/I didn't
try to make a POC solution - I expect somebody here might have done
something like that already - all I need is an answer: yes, it can be done,
RTFM => {{URL}}} ...

Thank you.


P.S. Sorry, I didn't do in advance investigation - I just didn't want to get
negative answer by myself - and if positive answer exists I'd be glad to
share it with you, and you'll be ready for such a "tricky"/unusual (?)
solution using Web Services in advance...

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