[dba-VB] Is it possible to develop active ASP.NET Web Services?

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Dec 9 08:28:34 CST 2008

Hi Shamil

OK, that explains. With no pc/server running contiguously nowhere else, you will have to do it that way.


>>> shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru 09-12-2008 14:57 >>>
Hi Gustav,

I just need to perform some scheduled tasks running on ASP.NET hosting
server, on which I cannot run nor console applications, nor windows
services. And scheduled task should run automatically 24x7x365 independent
from my PC being on or off. And I assume (/it's required) there is no other
PC to "charge" with running console application/windows service 24x7x365...

Let's say the scheduled task is a one watching some information on .NET,
calculating stats, and e-mailing reports to admin/subscribers etc.

Thank you.


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