[dba-VB] Performance of .Net Code in SQL Server 2005

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Fri Jan 25 05:02:16 CST 2008

Hi all

I came across this interesting article:


But is anyone here running .Net code in SQL Server?

A client has an mdb file with poorly designed tables and sloppy data. The task is to clean these and transfer them to SQL Server tables with a better structure.
I'm not so familiar in T-SQL, so I created queries in Access to test and view the possible output. A typical query contains code like this:

SELECT .. IIf(InStrRev([dessNr],"-")>0 And IsNumeric(Right([dessNr],1)),Left([dessNr],InStrRev([dessNr],"-")-1),[dessNr]) AS dessinNoBase

T-SQL knows nothing about InStrRev so I looked for options on how to translate such functions.

One option is to use .Net code. Speed is not important (small tables).
How do I approach this? Well, the top links at that page link to presentations on:

  SQLCLR Programming with SQL Server 2005

Still, has anyone been working with this?


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