[dba-VB] inheriting events

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Thu Jan 3 09:33:14 CST 2008

Hi Shamil

Thanks - I'll frame these golden words and nail them to the wall - so I can relax and not feel like an idiot when all the buzz words fly around my head when the big guys discuss why principle X is preferable for method Y (or is it vice versa?)


>>> shamil at users.mns.ru 03-01-2008 16:05:39 >>>

I must say when I program something these days I do know there are many principles used in this my programming but I often do not know how they are called - have a look at this list:


I'd bet you use many of these principles being an experienced developer but if I ask you why you use them that would be not always easy to answer, correct? :) (I mean when I do program something the first principle I use is how good and streamlined the code I'm writing looks - if it doesn't and I have time I do continue refactoring it until I see there is nothing to cut
out/refactor to make it even more simple and streamlined - and that always works well - it's a simple principle :) but it isn't easy to explain that simple principle(s) - they should be better shown as examples...

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