[dba-VB] Cross Post Learning VB.Net

Robert L. Stewart robert at webedb.com
Thu Jul 24 22:20:03 CDT 2008


That would be the Visual Web Developer.

Yes, I would go to the 2008 versions since you are starting out.

I would go with the Step-By-Step books as a start.


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>To all,
>I want to start learning Visual Basic .Net, I did download VB 2005 Express,
>C++ 2005 Express, C# 2005 Express & SQL Server 2005 Express, but
>unfortunately didn't actually get around to playing with them.
>I have noticed that 2008 Express editions are now available, would it be
>worth using these instead of the 2005 Express editions ?
>Also, I would class myself as an intermediate to advanced VB6 developer,
>does anyone have any good suggestions on books, free web tutuorials that
>would get me started, I don't mind going right back to the beginning if I
>have to to learn this, as I am falling behind a long way.
>Oops another thought, does anyone know if there is anything like an ASP.Net
>Express edition or similar  (or am I being thick lol)
>Thanks in advance for any help on this....
>Paul Hartland
>paul.hartland at googlemail.com

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