[dba-VB] VB.Net 2005 copy a form

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Jul 2 11:30:42 CDT 2008

Hi William

That brings some relief - I thought I was missing something obvious.

I'll try your method next time.


>>> wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com 02-07-2008 18:12 >>>

...I never "copy" a form outright ...I found it cited as a bad practice on a 
"best practices" list when I first got into vs5 ...it supposedly led to all 
kinds of problems down the line ...my practice is to first create a new form 
in VS and then to copy the contents of the original to the new leaving what 
vs created alone ...I've not had any problems with this (knock on wood) and 
its "almost" as easy as copying and renaming a form.

...I assumed ms would have fixed such an obvious problem in vs8 but then 
I've been assuming such in Access since A97 days ...and what do I have to 
show for such faith? ...a ribbon! :(

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> Hi William
> I have done so. Same issue. Or am I missing something?
> /gustav
>>>> wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com 25-06-2008 05:19 >>>
> ...upgrade to vs2008 :)
> William
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> Subject: Re: [dba-VB] VB.Net 2005 copy a form
>> Hi John
>> You can copy and paste the .cs file in the Solution Explorer pane. The
>> copy will be renamed and you can rename that to what you want.
>> However, if you in the Properties pane later rename the copy of form to
>> the new name, I've found that the refactoring mechanics will rename
>> references to your form not only in the .Designer.cs file (correct) but
>> also in the original .Designer.cs file (really nasty)! What do others do?
>> /gustav
>>>>> Johncliviger at aol.com 24-06-2008 17:21 >>>
>> Hi All
>> How do you copy a Form in VB.Net 2005?  I have a form with 100+  controls.
>> I  need a very similar form and It seems a real drag to type that lot again.
>> Any sugesstions?
>> TIA
>> johnc

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