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Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
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Hi Shamil

That looks very promising, thank you!

So, as:

 - Sandcastle is used internally to build .Net Framework documentation 

I guess this, as an example, is what these guys have used:



>>> shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru 27-06-2008 13:09 >>>
...the XML commenting method I haven't used yet...
Hi Gustav,

That should be easy for you to adapt I guess:

Download SandCastle:


- start VS2005/VS2008;
- create sample project;
- add some code with XML comments (watch how VS helps to set cross-refs while you are typing comments - all these crossrefs will be later "automagically" used by SandCastle while generating online help);
- right-click on project entry in VS solution explorer - select 'Properties' from popup-menu;
- select [Build] tab;
- check 'Xml documentation file' checkbox;
- (re)build assembly;
- start D:\Program Files\Sandcastle\Examples\generic\SandcastleGui.exe;
- you'll get Sandcastle main form opened;
- make sure presentation style combo-box on the right-hand side is set to vs2005;
- add assembly file - [Add] button of top listbox;
- add generated comments file .xml (it will be in the same folder where your assembly is located) - [Add] button of middle listbox;
- click [Build] button in the bottom - SandCastle is a "heavy beast" - it will take a while for it to generated .chm help even for a small sample project;
- when Sandcastle build finishes go to D:\Program Files\Sandcastle\Examples\{YourAssemblyName}\vs2005\chm\{YourAssemblyName}.chm and enjoy your professionally looking code help file...

This Help generation can be automated - there are quite some scripts
installed with SandCastle but I haven't used them yet...

SandCastle is a really huge "beast" with many features including preparing
any kind of documentation - see these links:




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Hi Shamil

> I do not argue, OK? :)

OK, that's also how I understood your comments. 

I see your point. There's a big difference between code modules like that of
Rocky's with 2000 lines and a series of small functions and classes where
all variables and methods and properties are given names which clearly
indicate the purpose.

Unfortunately, the XML commenting method I haven't used yet ...


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