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Hi Shamil

But Web Services was introduced with VS2005. I haven't looked at this in VS2008 - have they been improved in some way?

While your first link is interesting, I think I will leave the book it refers to as I anyway would rely on whatever MS has implemented in VS to create a Web Services - for the client side as well as the server side. I wouldn't into the underlying mechanics of this anyway.

The other link, however, contains a brief but good explanation of the principles. What indeed caught my eye was this:

2. Create a URL to each resource. The resources should be nouns, not verbs. For example, do not use this:


Note the verb, getPart. Instead, use a noun:


I have never thought of it this way but makes good sense if you regard the information you retrieve as objects.

Currently neither we or our clients have a use for a Web Service but I will keep looking for a good example.
A favourite of mine for a free public service would be lookup of postal codes but the postal companies are so old fashioned.


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Hi Gustav,

Thank you.

That info arrived just in time! :) I have started preparation to VS2008
transition today, and I do plan to start using LINQ as much as possible in
the applications I'm developing...

BTW, I think another big thing to consider is "RESTful Web Services" - 


This concept is not from MS originally but MS released features to develop
such services in VS2008...

This REST and Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA) and RESTful web services
could be a real breakthrough for many useful and easy to handle generic way
web services to appear...

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Hi all

And here is what looks like a clever (and free) tool for SQL freaks to get a
jumpstart with LINQ in Visual Studio:



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Hi all

It looks like MS is thinking of Visual Studio as a major tool for
controlling SQL Server.
An interesting article by William Sheldon in SQL Server Magazine tells more,
indeed about the SQLMetal tool:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) queries
convert Visual Basic and C# code into T-SQL*based database calls, which are
executed against SQL Server. Your Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 projects will
need to target the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to use LINQ. SQLMetal
generates the necessary data entity and DataContext object as either a .vb
or .cs source file. 


Pick article:
LINQ to Your SQL Server Data 

A registration is needed but that is free.


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