[dba-VB] C# SQLCommand.Timeout

Mark Breen marklbreen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 09:12:22 CST 2009

Hello John,

I have struggled with this value, and mixed it up with the connectionTimeout
also.  As a result, when I think there will be a delay, I also set it to
zero, and then I sleep easy.  I did that two years ago with
out troublesome app, and now it works and works and works.  Whats the
downside of infinite timeout.  If it takes three weeks, you will find out
anyway, but why kill it after ten mins when it would have finished
successfully in 19.45 minutes.


2009/11/30 jwcolby <jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com>

> Any words of wisdom on setting the command.Timeout property?  I have stored
> procedures that execute
> instantly, and others that can take an hour or more (large appends).
> How can I discover how long a stored procedure takes to run so that I can
> set this property
> dynamically?  As an example I have cases where I am appending 65 million
> rows into a table of 6
> fields.  This can take a long time (at the very least perhaps 20 minutes)
> but if I could get a
> "RecordsAffected" count for such queries as well as the time it took to
> execute, then I could start
> to discover that it takes "X seconds / million" records, and set the
> timeout to a reasonable value
> based on the records to be appended.
> This doesn't have to be any exact time value.  I assume a simple pair of
> time variables, then "stop
> time - start time"?
> Or should I just discover worst case and set it to that?
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