[dba-VB] Ajax application problem

Philippe phpons at free.fr
Wed Dec 9 15:24:33 CST 2009

Hi all,

I have problems putting an ajax application on a production server.

The application consists of an aspx page that keeps the javascript code.
This code talks with C# page methods to access Web services and interact with the database.

For example the first thing the user has to do is fill in login and password fields and click on the btnLogin.

Then the code execute the following command:
PageMethods.GetUser(user, onGetUserSuccess, onGetUserError);

with user being an array containing username and password. The C# GetUser webmethod returns its response to the onGetUserSuccess callback function.

The application runs ok on my dev pc.

I installed it on the production server, copying the aspx file, web.config file and the binary files.

When I run it, I get an error message, something like error during the handling of your request.(freely translated from french!!)

This error is displayed into a textbox by the onGetUserError callback function. 
I put an error trapping withing the webmethod, but its error message is not returned, leading me to think that this webmethod is not "entered".
Therefore the javascript code is running ok, but the call to the webmethod is failing.

I guess I missed to copy something like a javascript file from the framework, or something else.

Do you have any kind of experience in this regard?

NB: I also checked that the asp framework is of version 2.0 on the server, it's ok.


Philippe Pons

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