[dba-VB] Do you wanna learn c#?

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sun Dec 13 21:45:18 CST 2009

Have I got the book for you.


I bought this book because I found the XNA studio and wanted to learn all about how it works.  But 
this book is about teaching programming, and from that C#.  For anyone who knows vba or VB.net it 
will start off easy, but for anyone who doesn't program at all it also starts off easy.  This might 
be the best book for learning to program (in general) I have run into.  Plus it is fun.

You need Visual Studio (express is fine) and you need the XNA studio (it is also free).  An XBox 360 
game controller will be required pretty quickly.  I bought the cheapest controller for $15 from 
Wally world.

Then start reading (and writing).  I am on chapter 5 now (in about three days) and working on 
through it.

I swear you will learn C#, have fun while you are at it, AND learn how the XNA game studio framework 
works which is also an awesome tool.

Really folks, this is the real deal, if you have always said "I should..." do this one.  Or get your 
teenager involved in it.

I bought the book new from Amazon for about $20, plus the controller.  Everything else is free. 
That is a great deal folks!

John W. Colby

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