[dba-VB] Why are my data Context Objects soooo sloooow

Mark Breen marklbreen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 16:01:58 CST 2009

Hello Shamil,

I guess this is an option for me, but to be honest, it will probably more
easier  for me to take the delay of waiting that attempt to manage the
additional layer of complexity.  As with all things in life, I suppose if I
take the time to review this, it will save me time, but I am afraid to spend
a day on it only to save myself a few minutes a few times a day.

Thanks any way for the suggestion,


2009/12/3 Shamil Salakhetdinov <shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru>

> Hello Mark --
> OK, I suppose you can create custom DLL(s) working with LINQ to SQL in a
> solution outside of your custom DNN solution, and then just use your custom
> DLL within custom DNN solution - your LINQ to SQL objects from DLL should
> be
> public and this DLL should also have its own config file...
> I have done something like that but with POCO-objects
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plain_Old_CLR_Object), which I used as
> ObjectDataSources for web forms within DNN custom solutions' custom
> modules...
> Thank you.
> --
> Shamil
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> Hello Shamil,
> In VS2008, when I create a folder in app_Code, and then create a new Linq
> to
> SQL Class is it assigned the extention of dbml, default name is
> DataClasses.dbml
> It is these classes that are sooo slooow to do anything with.  I timed the
> time it takes to just click create, drop a table onto the design surface,
> and then click save.  It is taking 4 minutes to do that, so when I needed
> 20
> - 25 objects or so, I have to sit like a donkey and click for almost two
> hours.
> It still takes four minutes to open and edit one.
> A PITA for sure.
> If I open the class as a standalone file, I can operate with
> instant performance, but it does not play well with the project/ solution.
> I have to say, I wish I knew more about these data classes and how they
> really should be used in real world applications.
> Thanks
> Mark
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