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Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Dec 5 12:57:15 CST 2009

Hi Shamil

Well, much less hard-core than I had expected, indeed not a coding session but with a good perspective.
However, he came a long way describing and demonstrating many new features of VS2010, MVC and Silverlight. Also LINQ and ADO.NET EF seems to be mainstream. And, of course, much warmly promoting of Windows Azure which works very well together with VS, indeed with the new "local Azure" - a local simulator of Azure you can use during development so no live hosting is needed - much like the local web server that simulates IIS.

Very cool is the new GUI designer for Silverlight UI design. VS2010 is brushed up quite a lot with better support for multi-monitor use, improved IntelliSense and editing features in the code editor - everything is aimed at faster development with firm focus on you, the developer, very different from Access.
Further, the Team Foundation edition is now useful for single developers too, with unit testing, versioning etc. etc. However, I expect that to be available at a "corporate" charge only (beyond my budget), but let's see.

He promised to mail us links to the complete session and much more. I can post these here when they arrive.
If you or anyone else have questions to specific topics, Scott Guthrie may have touched, please ask.


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Hi Gustav --

How it was your attending Scott Guthrie's speaking in your town?

Thank you.


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Hi all

Tomorrow, Thursday, is my day. Scott Guthrie is in town speaking of ADO.NET
and Silverlight:


A full day just sitting, listening, and learning!


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