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jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Mon Dec 14 08:47:22 CST 2009

I am working on creating a single field index on every field of a table.  I promptly ran into so 
many problems making it generic that I punted and went back to hard coding the database / table 
name.  I did find this:

select Name as FldName from psm11203.sys.columns
	WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID('PSM11203.dbo.tblOrderData')

Which does give me a table of field names.  Using this in a cursor I am then able to create an index 
on each field, so I am off and running.

This is really a one off process that I need to run on my tblHSID - the table from hell from the 
database from hell.

I have to tell you I am a bit hesitant to pull the trigger in this for the table from hell.  It is 
going to take many minutes to build each index and there are well over 500 fields to index.  I could 
end up locking up my database for the next month.  ;)

I did create a copy, created a clustered index and will be creating all of these indexes on that 
copy, but even then it pretty much uses all of the resources of the server.

John W. Colby

jwcolby wrote:
> Even more strange that someone hasn't wrapped this into a C# class so that it is available as simple 
> source.  Several DLLs out there.
> John W. Colby
> www.ColbyConsulting.com
> Gustav Brock wrote:
>> Hi Michael
>> Neither have I, but I googled a little on the "zubject" and several links tell that this GZip compression is not compatible with WinZip and the like because of missing file info, in other words it should be fine for compressing and decompressing a stream (which of course can be written/read to/from a file) but that's all.
>> A bit strange that this widely used function is missing from the framework.
>> /gustav
>>>>> michael at ddisolutions.com.au 10-12-2009 00:11 >>>
>> I've never used it but there are builtin libraries for
>> zipping/unzipping.
>> Look in System.IO.Compression
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