[dba-VB] Just a Christmas quickie Using Not Instead of = False

Max Wanadoo max.wanadoo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 12:13:13 CST 2009

I don't think that will work...something from Getz etc sticks in my
mind...might be old age though.


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Perhaps better would be:

if MyRecordset.BOF and MyRecordset.EOF then
	msgbox "Empty"
	do stuff here

It is easier to read the true than the nots, especially when there is more
than one.  Either one 
works.  If this is in a tight loop and speed matters, then the NOT might
cause a very slight 
slowdown as it is two extra boolean operators.  OTOH the compiler might just
pick it up and rewrite 
it to my syntax anyway.

John W. Colby

Paul Hartland wrote:
> To all,
> I use a lot of recordsets, and to detect they actually contain something I
> have always used the following:
> If myrecordset.bof=false and myrecordset.eof=false then
>     do my stuff here
> Else
>     msgbox "empty"
> End If
> However my project manager prefers:
>  If not myrecordset.bof and not myrecordset.eof then
>     do my stuff here
> Else
>     msgbox "empty"
> End If
> Is there actually a prefered way, or is one quicker than the other, or is
> there an even better way to do this ?
> Thanks in advance for any comments, and a very merry christmas & happy new
> year to everyone.
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