[dba-VB] Web page optimizing

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Mon Feb 9 03:14:08 CST 2009

Hi all

Recently I attended a presentation by Mads Kristensen, a bright young guy, on how to optimize (=minimize) loading time for a web page. 
Using the YSlow tool for Firebug (an add-in for Firefox) he demonstrated how to obtain a Yahoo score of A on nearly all points.

Part of that is a series of tools - The WebOptimzer Class - he now has published for download at his blog:


Later I found out that if you won't bother with plugins and so on for FireFox and just need a graph on the load times for the various components of a page, you can install the Apple Safari out of the box. When you install, be sure to choose custom and mark the Developer option. This adds a menu entry, Developer, which will display all sorts of statistics and info on the current page and even some advice on how to reduce load times.


PS: Also check out his open-source project, BlogEngine.Net, at http://www.dotnetblogengine.net. Very neat.

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