[dba-VB] [AccessD] Conversion Time: Access to VB.Net(cross-posted)

William Hindman wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com
Sat Feb 21 16:23:42 CST 2009

...just in case you've not noticed it but the visual studio express versions 
of vb.net and c#.net are free and there is a LOT of high quality video 
training available gratis on ms ...I finally coughed up for the vs pro 8 but 
don't think you have to have it to build your first apps ...ms has done vs 
right ...real developers writing tools they would be pleased to use 
themselves ...to damn bad some of that talent wasn't used on Ak27.

...for instance, with access you build tree views according to what ms gives 
you ...a few properties here and there but basically you're stuck with what 
you can push the mscomctl6 to do ...with vs and .net, you can pretty much 
build whatever pleases you or your client's fancy and you don't have to 
start from scratch either ...and there is soooooooooo much sample code 
available that your problem becomes not finding help but filtering out the 
really good stuff from the chaff

...and don't let us scare you into thinking you have to move to c# ...I 
started with vb.net and when I found a good code source that was available 
only in c#, I also found that there are some excellent web sites that do 
pretty good c# to vb translations for free ...so even though its an extra 
step, its there and easy to use ...but if you're like gustav or even me, you 
start seeing the obvious ...the code really isn't that different and if you 
can write one, you can write and use the other.


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> Hi Dan
> Nearly my words, except that I haven't spent a single Euro on neither 
> tools nor resources. I was prepared to for reporting but the report viewer 
> of VS2008 is great. Also, I've found that VS and .Net can easily keep you 
> busy 24 hours a day should you feel so, so no need for further items to 
> investigate.
> I too moved to C#. After 15 years with Access Basic and VBA I felt that a 
> challenge would be fine. MS does a good job to provide code examples in 
> both VB.NET and C# but, if you look around for tips and code, C# is the 
> rule and VB.NET is the exception.
> It tool me half a year to feel that my feet was on the ground. Now I love 
> it. Visual Studio is really a star of MS.
> /gustav
>>>> wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com 21-02-2009 07:41 >>>
> Dan
> ...first time out you will have a significant learning curve ...plus 
> outlays
> of money and time for tools and resources necessary to dupe what Access 
> does
> by its lonesome ...time to build your own code library ...time to learn
> which web resources know what they are doing and which don't (too damn 
> many
> of those) ...and looking for a replacement for AccessD which there isn't
> even as much as dba-vb tries (maybe you can help) ...and you will spend a
> lot more time getting a prototype to work.
> ...depends on how much of that cost you can absorb and how much you want 
> to
> charge the client for ...my rough guess would be a minimum of 2.5 x the 
> same
> app in Access ...but that's me and my apps and there are a LOT of things 
> you
> could run into that will take you days to figure out ...things that are
> givens in Access or simply don't exist in the .net world.
> ...but then you learn classes and inheritance and you start to figure out
> that .net has one heck of a lot of more stuff already built in than access
> if you just know how to find and use it ...and then you find yourself 
> doing
> things you never thought possible ...and your next .net app is a lot 
> easier
> and quicker to produce ...and a lot more fun.
> ...I'm working in access again now because that's what the client wants 
> ...I
> find it ...um ...stodgy ...for lack of a better word ...what it does, it
> does pretty well and I've built a nice gui over the years so it doesn't 
> look
> like access ...but if you can get over that first hump, you'll find that
> .net and visual studio are awesome by comparison.
> ...btw ...don't just assume that vb.net is the right tool for you ...its 
> not
> vba and the syntax is deceptively different ...I spent a lot of time in
> vb.net before I swallowed hard and started playing with c#.net because,
> among other reasons, the quality and quantity of .net code resources in c#
> is much higher than it is in vb
> ...if you take the work, sign up for the dba-vb list ...gustav and shamil
> are already there waiting.
> ...hth
> William
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> Subject: [AccessD] Conversion Time: Access to VB.Net (cross-posted)
>> Does anyone have any rough estimates on converting an Access FE to a 
>> VB.Net
>> FE?  I know this depends on many factors, but a client has asked me to
>> provide a rough estimate today.  I have just begun learning this, so I 
>> don't
>> know yet.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Thanks!
>> Dan
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