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Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Feb 24 16:53:57 CST 2009

Hi Charlotte

What article? Post a link please, when ready.


>>> cfoust at infostatsystems.com 24-02-2009 19:57 >>>
I do use it in VB.Net at work and on my old laptop with VS 2005 Pro.
It's my only add-in for VS.  But I'm intentionally working in express
for this article, so I'm putting up with it for a while.  I may have to
break down and buy the upgrade, though, if for no other reason than that
I keep forgetting I have to open VB.Net, not VS, in order to run a


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...the precise reason I finally coughed up the money for vs pro ...you
know of course that the ONLY reason you can't use add-ins in express is
the EULA ...one simple switch turned on from ms's public apis will
enable add-ins in express ...but because MS has threatened legal action
against anyone supporting add-ins in express, almost all of the add-ins
check the version regardless of the switch just to be sure they don't
piss off MS :(

...btw, if you think MZ-Tools is sweet in Access, you really need to use
it in VS ...my #1 add-in :)


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> One big difference between the express and full versions is that 
> express doesn't support add-ins.  I'm working on an article using 
> express and am bemoaning the absence of my beloved MZ-Tools!
> Charlotte Foust
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> ...just in case you've not noticed it but the visual studio express 
> versions of vb.net and c#.net are free and there is a LOT of high 
> quality video training available gratis on ms ...I finally coughed up 
> for the vs pro 8 but don't think you have to have it to build your 
> first apps ...ms has done vs right ...real developers writing tools 
> they would be pleased to use themselves ...to damn bad some of that 
> talent wasn't used on Ak27.
> ...for instance, with access you build tree views according to what ms

> gives you ...a few properties here and there but basically you're 
> stuck with what you can push the mscomctl6 to do ...with vs and .net, 
> you can pretty much build whatever pleases you or your client's fancy 
> and you don't have to start from scratch either ...and there is 
> soooooooooo much sample code available that your problem becomes not 
> finding help but filtering out the really good stuff from the chaff
> ...and don't let us scare you into thinking you have to move to c# 
> ...I started with vb.net and when I found a good code source that was 
> available only in c#, I also found that there are some excellent web 
> sites that do pretty good c# to vb translations for free ...so even 
> though its an extra step, its there and easy to use ...but if you're 
> like gustav or even me, you start seeing the obvious ...the code 
> really isn't that different and if you can write one, you can write 
> and use the other.
> William
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>> Hi Dan
>> Nearly my words, except that I haven't spent a single Euro on neither

>> tools nor resources. I was prepared to for reporting but the report 
>> viewer of VS2008 is great. Also, I've found that VS and .Net can 
>> easily keep you busy 24 hours a day should you feel so, so no need  for
>> further items to investigate.
>> I too moved to C#. After 15 years with Access Basic and VBA I felt 
>> that a challenge would be fine. MS does a good job to provide code 
>> examples in both VB.NET and C# but, if you look around for tips and 
>> code, C# is the rule and VB.NET is the exception.
>> It tool me half a year to feel that my feet was on the ground. Now I 
>> love it. Visual Studio is really a star of MS.
>> /gustav
>>>>> wdhindman at dejpolsystems.com 21-02-2009 07:41 >>>
>> Dan
>> ...first time out you will have a significant learning curve ...plus 
>> outlays of money and time for tools and resources necessary to dupe 
>> what Access does by its lonesome ...time to build your own code 
>> library ...time to learn which web resources know what they are doing

>> and which don't (too damn many of those) ...and looking for a 
>> replacement for AccessD which there isn't even as much as dba-vb 
>> tries
>> (maybe you can help) ...and you will spend a lot more time getting a 
>> prototype to work.
>> ...depends on how much of that cost you can absorb and how much you 
>> want to charge the client for ...my rough guess would be a minimum of
>> 2.5 x the same app in Access ...but that's me and my apps and there 
>> are a LOT of things you could run into that will take you days to 
>> figure out ...things that are givens in Access or simply don't exist 
>> in the .net world.
>> ...but then you learn classes and inheritance and you start to figure

>> out that .net has one heck of a lot of more stuff already built in 
>> than access if you just know how to find and use it ...and then you 
>> find yourself doing things you never thought possible ...and your 
>> next
>> .net app is a lot easier and quicker to produce ...and a lot more fun.
>> ...I'm working in access again now because that's what the client 
>> wants ...I find it ...um ...stodgy ...for lack of a better word 
>> ...what it does, it does pretty well and I've built a nice gui over 
>> the years so it doesn't look like access ...but if you can get over 
>> that first hump, you'll find that .net and visual studio are awesome 
>> by comparison.
>> ...btw ...don't just assume that vb.net is the right tool for you 
>> ...its not vba and the syntax is deceptively different ...I spent a 
>> lot of time in vb.net before I swallowed hard and started playing 
>> with
>> c#.net because, among other reasons, the quality and quantity of .net

>> code resources in c# is much higher than it is in vb
>> ...if you take the work, sign up for the dba-vb list ...gustav and 
>> shamil are already there waiting.
>> ...hth
>> William
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>> Subject: [AccessD] Conversion Time: Access to VB.Net (cross-posted)
>>> Does anyone have any rough estimates on converting an Access FE to a

>>> VB.Net FE?  I know this depends on many factors, but a client has 
>>> asked me to provide a rough estimate today.  I have just begun 
>>> learning this, so I don't know yet.
>>> Any thoughts?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Dan

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