[dba-VB] Contract Management template

Doris Manning mikedorism at verizon.net
Tue Oct 5 08:00:04 CDT 2010

Please forgive the cross post but.Does anyone happen to have a basic
Contract Management template that they wouldn't mind sharing or know of a
good low cost source for one?  


We need to be able to track Expiration date, Service Level, Terms, Contacts,
Options on renewal, and Cost.  Being able to handle or track Document
Storage would also be a big plus.  I would design it myself but I'm swamped
with more requests than I can handle and am just looking for something I can
put in place quickly and fix as we go.  


Back end needs to be SQL Server 2000.  


Front end can be either desktop or web-based. 




Doris Manning

Sr. Developer/Database Administrator

Hargrove Inc.

www.hargroveinc.com <http://www.hargroveinc.com/> 





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