[dba-VB] Apples to oranges take 2a

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Wed Oct 6 21:33:34 CDT 2010

Same two files, rotating / SSD.

I was just curious whether I had any HSIDAllAdult records no longer found in HSID.  So this is an 
outer join where HSID is null, pulling the PK from HSIDAllAdult.  The results BTW were an empty set 
(no records found).

The query:

SELECT     dbo.tblAllAdultNameAddr.PK
FROM         dbo.tblAllAdultNameAddr LEFT OUTER JOIN
                       _DataHSID_OffLine.dbo.tblHSID ON dbo.tblAllAdultNameAddr.PKHSID = 
WHERE     (_DataHSID_OffLine.dbo.tblHSID.PKID IS NULL)

and a similar one for SSD

The SSD finished in 44 seconds.
The rotating media in 1:42

John W. Colby

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