[dba-VB] MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2008 R2

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We have run into this some also at work.  Our solution has been script the
schema changes with SQL Compare (by RedGate) and if data needs to be move,
move it with SQL Data Compare (also RedGate).


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Hi All --

It happens that MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2008 R2 have incompatible backup
format - the ones created by MS SQL 2008 R2 can't be used to restore MS SQL
2008 databases.
This issue is a RPITA here now as I have got upgraded both my development
PCs to MS SQL 208 R2 and my Windows Hosting provider has MS SQL 2008 only
and no near future plans to upgrage to MS SQL 2008 R2. BTW, I have checked
several well known Windows Hosting providers - they do not have MS SQL 2008
R2 installed, and also no near future plans to upgrade to MS SQL 2008 R2. 

Or it there a feature which I'm currently missing which will allow to make
MS SQL 2008 R2 DB's backup in MS SQL 2008 format?

What happens is that if I setup a MS SQL 2008 db on my Web hosting, then
work with it (e.g. via DNN), and then I get its backup downloaded and
installed locally on MS SQL 2008 R2 - that goes smoothly but I then will not
be able to make local backup using MS SQL 2008 R2 to uploaded it and restore
on my web hosting site :(

Thank you.


P.S. Yes, I can setup MS SQL 2005 Express in parallel to MS SQL 2008 R2 -
that works OK, but I didn't try to install MS SQL 2008 - would that work?

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